Dan & Lauren have been leading worship since they met at Eastern University nearly 12 years ago and are currently worship leaders for Reading City Church.

With the launch of the Revive Project album in 2011 and their new studio album, All My Hope in September of 2014, Dan & Lauren are taking to the road to share their hearts in ministry and their love for music and worship.

Please contact us at or use the form below to inquire about scheduling them to lead worship. They travel as either an acoustic duet or full-band – whichever suits your need.

If you have a Sunday morning service coming up where you’d like to feature your missions/outreach programs – Dan & Lauren would love the opportunity to come in and provide a backdrop of music to that service. Contact us today!

Worship Night, Concert, or Sunday Morning Worship Cost: Travel Expenses + Love Offering (or Honorarium), Lodging and Meals

Living Room Concert Cost: Love Offering (or Honorarium)


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