Living Room Concerts


What’s a Living Room Concert?

With the declining trend in live shows at expensive, crowded, and often dirty music venues, another method to hear and discover new artists has begun to take root – Living Room Concerts. They are exactly what it sounds like – small, acoustic concerts in a living room. Dan & Lauren, like many independent singer/songwriters, LOVE this experience of performing live over all others. It is easily the most intimate experience to hear the heart of a singer/songwriter as they share not only their songs but the stories and experiences that inspired them. These settings allow the artist to interact on a smaller and more personal and individual scale with new audiences in a way they can’t anywhere else.

How to Host a Living Room Concert for Dan & Lauren

1.) Pick a Date by contacting us using the contact form below. We will coordinate a date that works well for everyone.

2.) Invite Your Friends – using whatever method works best for you (Evite, Email, Facebook, etc.) – invite your friends and family to the concert.

3.) Food – Decide if you want to supply food or if you want to do a traditional pot-luck style get-together. Tell your guests to bring a dish or beverage to share.

4.) Money – The best thing about Living Room Concerts are that they are FREE! We don’t require payment, we just ask that we get to sell our merchandise. If you want to have a door charge ($5 or $10) or take a love offering on our behalf then feel free to do so but please do not feel obligated.

5.) Concert Night – Enjoy the night! Time with friends and live music – don’t stress about the details, just have fun!

Hosting a Living Room Concert is way easier than it may seem. If you’re interested in trying it out, fill out the form below and let us know!

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