Background & Present

What makes any vision unique and exciting  is the way in which it transforms and manifests itself in ways never even anticipated at it’s conception. This has been true of The Revive Project since it’s inception in late 2011.

When the musings and discussions began about doing another album, we took a big step back, outside of ourselves to re-evaluate who we are, who we have been, and who we could be. As we processed what we were discovering, we also began redefining just exactly what music is as a tool of worship for us and how can we be better stewards of our gifts. Not everyone has loads of money to throw at or give to issues and problems facing their communities – but not every issue needs money – it also needs time and skills offered in places that can utilize the hands, feet, and talent.

The clarity came as we started to see how God could use our unique place in our lives, our time, and our talent, to bring and redirect not only funds, but hopefully also God’s greatest resource and vehicle of healing to a broken city – his people.

We may not have a lot of money to offer, but Lauren and I had our time and talent, and the ability to inspire. We had our voice and a unique position to speak.

So we thought, why not give our next album back to the city by giving away all of the profits? What better way to excite people around us about the project then by asking for their help to fund it – so that’s what we did. Now we are set to release the album and begin the journey as a vessel of Reading’s story to her neighbors. Not only will the music bring songs of life and love to God’s people, but in return, it will bring funds and attention to a city in her darkest hours.


The Future

We recognize that everyone has different gifts and talents they’ve been given to serve their neighbor. What a beautifully choreographed world we are a part of! But our hearts have been steered towards the creatives – the arts – and the community that could change everything.

We dream of fostering a local community, network, and market of artists who desire to use their art for similar purposes. When we huddle around a similar goal, we tend to find a greater purpose in who we are and our art takes on a deeper meaning.  We desire a united front of individuals that can’t offer their cash, but can offer their time and talent in ways that will bless those in need.

We are looking for artists to join this front by donating their art to The Revive Project Marketplace – here their art will be featured and sold – and all the proceeds will go to Reading and her children in need. Artists are bleeding hearts – they reflect and communicate what they observe in unique ways others can not. In the Revive Project Marketplace the artist can share their art while promoting the needs of Reading and redirecting the attention of their communities to a city in need.

Contact us if you are an artist interested in joining this front, and we will add you to our growing list of bleeding hearts eager to see their city transform. We hope that in the near future this Marketplace will be a hub of commerce on behalf of a broken people.

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