The Beginnings

Despite growing up over 400 miles apart, Dan & Lauren eventually found each other in college at Eastern University in 2002 where they quickly discovered their shared joy of music and songwriting. What was obvious to most but not to each other was their natural chemistry. Dan began work on a solo demo project that quickly turned into a full-length album featuring the full duet. In 2003 they finished the release of their debut acoustic duet album"Coming Home". It was also at this time their close friendship transformed into a romantic one. With the success of "Coming Home", Dan & Lauren decided to begin work on their second full-band album titled "Open My Eyes", which eventually released in the winter of 2005.



Upon graduating from college in 2006, it quickly became apparant that their relationship was headed for change. Lauren moved back home to New Hampshire and Dan stuck to the Philadelphia area looking for day jobs as supportive measures to their musical devotion and pursuits.

In October of 2006, Dan proposed to Lauren at sunrise at Jennis Beach in New Hampshire. They set the wedding Date for July 28, 2007 and put their musical pursuits on an indefinite hold. The wedding was held in York, ME on a very humid July day, after which they began settling into their new home in Lancaster, PA, Dan's hometown. Once settled in, they began a brief stint with a group of musicians under the band name "Tracing Caleb". The group included Kenny Coombs and Jabin Baxter (Percussion), Jonathan Gascho (Bass), and Nate Graham (Piano/Vocals). Unfortunately, "Tracing Caleb" did not last for long, performing only a couple of shows. Notably, however, was a show taped for television broadcast at Karen's Place in Doylestown, PA. The live TV appearance can be found here. Upon the dissassembly of Tracing Caleb, Dan and Lauren took a step back from their professional music pursuits, devoting their time and talents to the youth and young adults ministries at their church.



It was also at this time early in their marriage that Dan learned something about his new wife that he hadn't ever taken full notice of before...her devoted and unabashed passion for arts and crafts. Lauren's love affair for all things crafty began in Jr. High when she started making her own purses out of leftover wool from the 70's her mom had laying around. From there her skill was refined and grew. Dabbling in jewelry making, quilting, purses, bags, and scrapbooking, Lauren finds pure joy in making old things new. Upon the urgings of many of her fans, she decided to start posting her crafty goodness online to share the blessing via the artisans marketplace: Check out her marketplace under the name "Twink's Things" by clicking the "Crafts" Link above.

No matter where you're at in life, you'll always discover new talents and joys you could never have predicted. This has been more than truthful for Dan and photography. After purchasing a camera for leisure, Dan quickly found pleasure and to his surprise, some skill at capturing moments through the eye of his lense. In the last year he has begun shooting weddings, family and senior portraits, babies, and maternity photos. You can check out Dan's photoraphy and book him for a shoot by clicking the "Photog." button up to, powered by


While the musical hiatus has left silence in the ears of their fans, the time off has developed new loves and skills Dan and Lauren never knew they had and has allowed them the time to puruse those joys in ways they never could've imagined. With the launch of their photography and crafts on the web and into the world, it wouldn't be complete without the re-launch of their musical careers as singer/songwriters. Teaming up with good friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Nate Graham, Dan and Lauren are launching their newest album, "Transition". Be sure to check out the "Music" link above to find out where you can meet up with them to hear some tunes, buy some crafts, or heck...even schedule a photo shoot!

Coming Home Album

Open My Eyes Album

Dan & Lauren's First Show

Dan & Lauren's Wedding Day

Tracing Caleb Band

Homemade baby quilt by Lauren

Dan's newfound joy in Photography

Dan, Lauren, and Nate; 2009

Transition Album; 2009