Awaken Music Video

Posted by danadron on November 22, 2011 Blog | Photos | Uncategorized | | No comments

So excited about our first ever music video coming your way in the next couple weeks! We have been thinking for a while that we wanted to shoot one to try it out but never really found the funds to do so – until we met our new incredibly talented and kind friend, DJ Soto of Sonata 7 Studios.

When we first approached him about the video and our budget, I thought he might turn around, laugh, and walk away. But, DJ, a resident of Reading city, has a heart for the city and believed in the Revive Project – so he was willing to work with us to make what is going to turn out to be a really incredible music video.

If you are in the area and need any kind of video done for any purpose – look no further than DJ’s company – Sonata 7 Studios. He is an incredible guy to work with, has a great eye for capturing video, and his wife makes a mean production spread of goodies for shoots. Yummo. Here’s DJ’s website and a couple stills that were taken from the shoot by Betsy Gettis –

The release of the music video in the coming weeks is giong to be timed with a special announcement in conjunction with our friends at Noisetrade. So stay tuned!

Lauren and I will be traveling to New Hampshire over the holiday weekend and are excited to be doing a house show for a lot of her family this coming Saturday night and then we’ll be leading worship on Sunday morning at Bethany Church in Greenland, NH. Always love the visit up north with them! Have a great Thanksgiving, and remember, you don’t have to eat the entire Turkey – just most of it.