Revive Project Thoughts…

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This project has been a HUGE part of our lives over the last year and a half and the release day is finally upon us. While we released it digitally last week, we are celebrating it’s release tonight at Canal St. Pub in downtown Reading by performing all the songs and sharing the stories behind them.

This road has been a long one – and has required us to often give more of ourselves than we’ve had to offer. I wanted to share a few thoughts today being what we believe is the true “birthday” of The Revive Project. If you want to read more about our long-term vision outisde of the album, click on the Revive Project – Vision link above. If you want to grab a copy of the album, click on the Store link above and you can buy it from our brand new webstore!

A few thoughts…

Lauren and I are tired. We often work 70+hrs in any given week and make enough money to get by and pay our bills. We sleep an average of 6 hrs a night and have been through many personal trials over the last couple of years. When we think about the Revive Project and it’s timing in our lives right now, we often look at one another at the end of the day and in complete exhaustion, ask “are we crazy?”

But every week we find ourselves driving through the streets of downtown Reading and are reminded that maybe that’s the wrong question. Maybe, instead, the question to ask ourselves is: ”are we faithful?”

It’s when we see the homeless, hungry, and poor on the streets of a dark and dangerous city that we actually begin to see God’s heart. It’s in the reality of the world where the curtains are pulled back not from over the truth, but from over our own eyes, that we begin to see the responsibility that lies within each one of us – to live loudly and care deeply.

I often hear people saying that they don’t know where God is calling them. I think that’s a terrible question to be asking onself. I think the better question is who is God calling you to be? The answer is much simpler but much more difficult to accept.

Who we are, first and foremost, are worshippers. Our duty is to worship and love God and we do that by loving one another – and not just in superficial, passing ways. We love one another like we love God – with everything we have to give.

Time, talent, money, resources, sweat, tears, and yes, even blood.

We are a sleeping generation constantly looking inward, incredibly complacent, and wildly narcissistic. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every generation has a moment that awakens them to the reality of life and springs them into action. I believe that moment is upon us.

When it comes to Reading, We have often said to ourselves – to ignore the plight of this city is to ignore the call of Christ completely.

We live in a time where sitting idly by while divides widen, the poor get poorer, and the hungry go unfed simply cannot happen. Not when we have ourselves to give.

We plea to a generation – WAKE UP! The time to live loudly is here. Yes, look within you, but then take what you discover and pour it out as an offering holy and pleasing to God – not for your own sake but for His sake – so that He might be glorified and your brother and sister might be saved!

For such a time is this that we might live! That we might wake up and see not despair and darkness, but hope and life – lit by the light inside every one of us.

We pray that we become a generation of passionate people – living boldly and living loudly and most of all – living selflessly.

we pray that the Revive Project is a blip on the radar of a much bigger plan and a much bigger picture – and that it would inspire a generation to awaken, see His light everywhere…and go.