Southern Swing

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So most of you know by now that Lauren and I just got back from a southern swing of appearances in Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. It was one of the first times for us to be on the road for that many miles doing music, not to mention traveling with a 1.5 year old. Despite some cabin fever in the car, we had a really great time on our mini-tour. We played at Liberty University for 10,000+ students – while we didn’t really get to share anything about who we are and what we’re about, we still had a great time meeting some awesome students 1 on 1 before and after.

Here’s a little sample of something I wrote on Facebook after our appearance: “What was the most encouraging aspect of today’s experience at Liberty? A young man came up to our table afterwards and introduced himself to me. He told me that 6 years ago he attended Camp Haluwasa where I was on staff doing music. He said I shared one of our songs, “Coming Home” with him and it was that song, that message, and that experience at camp that helped him turn his life around and give it to God. He has since chosen a path in Student Ministry to share the same love to students that he received when he was at camp as a youth. Wow. How cool?! This is the kind of stuff that makes it all worth it.” One of our former Youth Group kids now goes to Liberty and took a quick cell phone video of the performance…check it out below!

We also got to meet up with our Radio Promoters in Nashville, TN and record a little acoustic video of “Awaken”. As soon as that’s ready we’ll post it for you! We also got to meet up with our friend and producer, Stephen, as well as a label rep at Centricity. Lots of great conversations were had on this trip and we were given a lot of good direction for the future.

One of the most exciting things for me, personally, was getting a phone call on the way home from a producer and songwriter that I’ve admired and respected for almost a decade. It was an honor and huge encouragement to get to talk with him on the phone briefly and I’m excited about what may lay ahead in our songwriting endeavors…stay tuned!