Joe + Stephanie

One of the coolest things about being a wedding photographer is is experience the kindness of strangers. Going into a wedding, we typically have at least met the bride and groom, By the end of the day we’ve met their entire family, and to some degree, we feel like part of the family!
This was exceptionally true with Joe and Stephanie Weidner on their wedding day. Both of their families were so gracious and kind, interacting with us like we’d been friends of the family for years.

We had such a fun time with their bridal party who, despite the 90degree-plus weather, painted their faces with smiles and trooped along with us during pictures.

To combat the heat we took a lot of the afternoon pre-wedding party photos directly under some large trees in the shade. This ended up working out nicely, though at the time I was very skpetical.

The ceremony was in downtown Coatesville at an old Catholic church. This was a challenge as I couldn’t use flash and the sanctuary was very dark. One thing I’m learning is to trust my camera more at a higher ISO so I can capture the moments that matter regardless of the film grain it may leave.

The ceremony was at Springton Manor in Glenmoore. I had never been to Springton Manor before but I definitely hope to go back for future photo shoots as it is a magnificent property with many very unique nooks and crannies that we barely even got to explore. We unfortunately didn’t get a lot of time for bride and groom and large bridal party shots (about 15 min.) so we made the most of the time we had and ended up with some pretty neat moments with some awesome backdrops.

Thanks Joe and Stephanie for a great day! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!