Tom & Heather McEneaney

Well this is a little embarrassing…

I have intended to be consistently blogging for quite some time now but it has eluded me yet again for at least 4 months. Life has its way of catching up to you. wow.

Anywho, I wanted to take a minute to share some photos with you all that I took way back in January for Tom and Heather McEneaney who, on February 1st, gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy, Gabriel!

Tom and Heather are not only amazingly kind, gracious, and fun people, but they are very dear friends to Lauren and myself. I couldn’t count the number of pizzas and pitchers of beer we’ve fellowshipped over with these two after church on Sunday nights.¬† Always there to listen and share encouragement in our struggles, Tom and Heather are two friends Lauren and I have been immensely¬† blessed to befriend since moving back to Lancaster.

I was honored that they asked me to shoot some maternity photos for them in their home in Birdsboro only a week before Gabe was due. It was my second time really getting to setup shop with lights in someone’s home. It’s amazing what a few bed sheets, some tacks, and some cheap photography lights will accomplish! This was also my first experience with my Canon 50D I purchased back in the beginning of January. So it was great practice gearing up for this past wedding season.

Anyhow, enjoy the photos and enjoy getting to know two…no wait…three awesome people!