Alex Craley

Senior Photos | Lancaster, PA

When I was in high school, my life was changed through an organization called Young Life. It wasn’t necessarily the organization as much as it was the leaders and relationships I created with them that transformed me so much. One of my dear friends, Jason, who was my Young Life leader in High school, has a brother Matt who leads an incredibly successful Young Life ministry in York. So when they were raising money for Young Life in their region, it was a no-brainer to us to give back. So a portrait shoot was auctioned off and I couldn’t be happier with who ended up getting their senior photos with it. Everyone, meet Alex! Ladies, I believe he’s single.  😉  From the time we got to spend with him we could tell he was a class act, great kid – the kind you just don’t come across that often. Was a blast to get to try some new things and try out some new locations in the Lancaster area. I’m pretty sure some illegal trespassing occurred, in so doing, we also discovered some squatters! Here are some of our favorites from the shoot.