Beaver Family

St. Peters Village | Saint Peters, PA

I love my clients. No really, like I LOVE them. First off, they are all incredibly loyal, encouraging, and supportive. Andrew and Kelsie have been no exception. I shot their wedding back in 2010 and ever since they have been some of our biggest advocates. We always love getting to catch up with them and when they asked us to do some family photos with their BEAUTIFUL little girl, Adelle (who, by the way, has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.) Their family shoot was a blast and I was so happy with the pictures. The only hiccup in the whole thing was one of the most awkward moments I’ve ever had when trespassing on property to get a good shot – glad Andrew and Kelsie got to witness me being about as awkard and unprofessional as I could possibly be. Man that was uncomfortable.

Enjoy some of our favorites from their shoot!