Frank + Stacey

Downtown Lancaster | Lancaster, PA

I’m so excited to share Frank + Stacey’s engagement with you all! Mostly because I had one of my more embarrassing moments at a shoot to date. Also because I went to high school (for one year) with Stacey. Stacey was a senior when I was a freshman and was, and still is, friends with my brother. I was honored that she and Frank asked me to shoot their wedding next year and I can’t wait for their big day!

So on to the embarrassing moment??? So at the very end of our shoot I was moving from point A to point B to grab a shot from a different angle, and on my way I managed to (pretty badly) roll my ankle and sprain it. Fortunately I was able to stay on my feet and not damage any equipment but I have to give Stacey and Frank credit for not completely busting out in laughter at my clumsy debacle – but it was definitely embarrassing to say the least. Thanks for your kindness guys! Here are some of my favorites from their engagement shoot!