Kurt + Kylee

Engagement Session | Washington D.C. | National Monument

So I learned a valuable lesson on this engagement shoot and it has nothing do with photography. The lesson? Never ever drive in to Washington DC. Ever. In all seriousness it wasn’t that bad but after leaving myself plenty of time to get there, I was still late, and I was almost in 3 different car accidents on the highway. All that aside, I was so excited to get to shoot in DC and to spend some time with Kurt and Kylee. I shot Kylee’s sister’s wedding last year so I’m starting to really love their family! Kurt used to play for and is now a scout for the DC United and they live right outside DC and got engaged at the Washington Monument so ofcourse we had to get some shots with that in the background. Thanks to my buddy Eric Burkert for coming along to assist on the shoot!

Here are some of my favorites…