Brandon + Ashley

Long Island, NY Wedding Photography | OceanBleu | Second Shooting

This post, and the previous two, are definitely a little late, but because they weren’t my weddings I put them on the backburner to focus on my clients for the year. Now that “off-season” has hit I can focus a little more on sharing some work from the past year that didn’t get out there.

I am a pretty blessed photographer – not only do I have the support of a great circle of photographers in Lancaster, I am blessed with the opportunity to second shoot and be mentored by a friend and photographer in the Northern New Jersey and New York City area – Andres Valenzuela. ( He and his wife, Kim, (and their beautiful daughter Anna-Sofia) have become great friends of ours over the years and I am always excited about second shooting with Andres. I’m always challenged and inspired by his work and am always amazed how amazing all of his clients are that I’ve gotten to work with. I also had the honor and privelage of getting to shoot along side an incredible videography team lead by the amazingly talented, Nino Gallego ( There were also a number of other shooters that were not only also uh-mazingly talented but they were also a blast to work along side. Erik Motta (, Patrick Florescio (, and Ari Zapata ( To check out the video they did for Brandon + Ashley, go here:

Andres and I shot this wedding the day after Leroy + Carla’s in October. We spent the night near Newark and then drove out to West Hampton Beach on Long Island the following Sunday morning. This wedding was one of my favorite weddings to be a part of since I’ve become a wedding photographer. I’m not entirely sure why, but something about the day was amazing to me. Brandon + Ashley had planned for their wedding day to be right on the beach next to the ocean, but due to the weather it had to be moved under a tent at OceanBleu. What was amazing was how they didn’t let this effect their attitudes  – they both knew that by the end of the day they would be married – and that’s what mattered most. We ended up able to get some shots on the walkway leading to the beach and the following morning we went back out for a beautiful morning shoot right on the water. The other part of the day that was so awesome was the kindness of the bride and groom. They were genuinely kind, appreciative and gracious to everyone on their wedding day…everyone. I was honored to get to be a part of their wedding day. There were so many photos I took from this day that I liked so much that I just decided to post  all of my favorites – all 90 of them.

Don’t miss my favorite of all of these which is the sequence shot of their first look. We set a tripod up at the right angle and captured the sequence of their first look. Was awesome.

I hope you guys enjoy this wedding as much as I did. Here are some of my favorites.