Love146 Benefit Project

Lancaster, PA


I was recently asked to do a project for our local chapter of Love146. If you do not know much about the issue of human trafficking and the work that Love146 and countless other organizations across the world are doing to combat this global crisis, take some time to do some of your own research and learn. While it has been a busy couple of months for me I was happy to do something like this and very excited about some of the ideas they had. The benefit was held around Valentine’s Day weekend and was called “Sweet Relief”. Last year Lauren and I performed background music for the evening and this year I was honored to be involved with this portion. In working with my neighbor and her three beautiful little girls we were able to complete a concept project about the life of a human trafficking victim. Each of these photos was on display the night of the event with a small write-up explaining the interpretation. I hope you guys enjoy!

For more information on human trafficking you can check out one of our dear friends websites who is a modern-day abolitionist and a singer/songwriter – he has been working tirelessly for years on his own to bring girls out of the sex-trade and into loving and caring homes adopted and adopted by local churches around the country. You can check out his music at Another local organization in Reading called FREE is headed up by our friend Bob Morrison and you can learn more about their organization at

“This could be the life story of a child who falls victim to domestic trafficking here in the United States. Proceeds tonight will go towards LOVE 146, which provides restoration for victims and prevention education for children who are at high risk of becoming exploited.”


INNOCENCE | She starts out like every little girl…innocent and sweet.



DREAMS | She has time to swing and time to dream…like being a princess in a fairy tale wedding.



AN EMPTY SWING | She searches for safety but is repeatedly victimized. Believing she found hope, empty promises lure her away. She is only 12 years old.



FAR FROM DREAMS | No one protects her, no one fights for her…so she believes the lies he tells her. Before she knows it, she is trapped.



A DARK WORLD | She sees no way out. Still a child, our laws see her as a criminal. The world sees her as a prostitute. No one sees her as a victim.



LOVE INTERVENES | They see her and don’t condemn her. The LOVE 146 community intervenes in her life. They support her with safety, encouragement, empowerment, and hope.



A DREAM RESTORED | With the help of LOVE 146, she is a survivor. She is restored and feels safe enough to dream again.